• You don’t see deafness.

    Help deaf children and young people from the taki mundo institute. Give them a chance for education and a future.

  • Bilingual teaching.

    The only institute in Mexico (Michoacán) that teaches Mexican sign AND spoken language.

  • Individual care

    Our students are looked after by qualified special educators, psychologists and an ear specialist.

This is taki mundo

A vision sets a precedent

Qualified schooling and training is one of the most important things we can give children and young people for their future. Even more so if they have a handicap.

But what about if there is no access to the appropriate funding? What are the prospects for a life in dignity and respect? The founder of taki mundo, Astrid von Reding, asked herself exactly these questions during her stay in Mexico in 2006. On site in Michoacàn, one of the poorest states in Mexico, she experienced the sad existence of many deaf and hearing impaired young people up close: isolated, as “stupid” »Classified, stressful for families.

Shocking images that Astrid von Reding will never forget. Her decision was made: that should and had to change.

Said and done

What was hardly conceivable in 2007, the year the taki mundo Institute was founded (Zewo certified since 2014), is reality today.

A separate school for deaf and hearing impaired children and young people in Uruapan with:

  • four levels of education, from three to 24 years of age, from pre-school to secondary school
  • Continuous bilingual lessons (Mexican sign and spoken language)
  • recognized primary and secondary school qualification (INEA)
  • Computer and screen printing lessons
  • Free lessons in sign language for relatives and interested parties
  • full catering
  • own school bus
  • individual educational and psychological support

Our commitment

A child’s smile, shining eyes and the steady progress of our students are the best reward and greatest motivation for us.

Our vision

By means of a qualified school education, taki mundo opens up a future with prospects for hearing-impaired and deaf young people in Uruapan. We are committed to improving the standard of living of the deaf and hearing impaired in Mexico and their integration into society in the long term.

We therefore specifically promote understanding between hearing and non-hearing people and try to establish a corresponding awareness.

our mission

Deaf and hearing impaired people in Mexico should experience the respect and recognition they deserve. We work on this with tireless commitment and, thanks to reliable partners, the famous “constant drop”. Because only with consistency and sustainability can we build on the previous success of taki mundo.

This includes:
• an actually realized right to education and work
• standardized examination methods for the early detection of hearing impairment in babies
• Government-funded hearing aids
• the construction of our own taki mundo school building
• Finding suitable jobs for our school leavers
• …

14 years – taki mundo in numbers









Support deaf children and young people in Mexico
Give them education and a future.